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    We are a family run garage based in West Harrow who pride themselves in providing an efficient and great service to all of our customers. We offer various services such as MOT, diagnostics, servicing, tyres, clutches, body work, exhausts and many many more. We have a team of highly experienced and talented mechanics who strive to deliver perfection and we will look after your vehicle as if it were our own.

    Please feel free to stop by to get a quotation for your vehicle.

    - Air conditioning

    At our garage we have specialized technologies which are needed for service and repair of the air conditioning system of the vehicle. During the summer months, the air conditioning can turn out to be the difference that takes place between a cooling and serene trip and a trip which is absolutely uncomfortable.

    As of the present statistics in the UK is concerned 70% of the latest cars are fitted with an air conditioning system as standard and just like the engine of the car and safety system, the air conditioning needs and regular servicing is to be done in maintaining the optimal quality and efficiency.

    At times some of the common problems which are noticed are the air condition does not produces cold air or it can produce strange noises. A poorly performed car will be prone to bacteria and growing microbes and can cause foul smells. At times the allergic reaction can have the tenacity of leading to legionnaires diseases. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can increase the cost of the fuel and the pump needs to be working harder.

    - Service

    Since car is one of the important possessions for all of us, we all need to maintain it with care and effectiveness. At times it is being witnessed that after a long run in the roads the car loses its tenacity to run with efficacy and the interior as well as the exteriors of the car turns out to be brittle. We being complete professionals in this domain allow you to get the former durability along with the former hue.

    Our professional experts make sure that the body parts turns out to be sturdy and become authoritative as it used to be previously. If you face any such problems relating to body parts of your car avail our services and get yourself devoid of hassles.

    - Brakes, steering and suspension

    Since our technicians are through professionals and are trained in finding the dangers which can make the car get prone to damage. It is quite very important in understanding the signs of dangers. If there are any doubts you can always bring your car to our garage and make your steering along with the brakes gain the smoothness before you hit the road. It is quite a pivotal task in having regular checks on the brakes along with the suspension and steering in the interval of every six months. Steering constituent can be taken of out of the arrangement by speed humps and potholes. The poor steering puts you and the person whom you are ferrying at high risk. At times it becomes very much prone to accidents.

    In creating a smooth ride the suspension plays quite an important role, but it is to be noted that suspension also has an added influence on the steering and drive. The major cause of suspension problem is nothing but the age, as most of the movable parts are manufactured with the usage of rubber and can dry out the fracture in a certain period of stipulated time. At our garage we do check the brakes along with the suspension and steering as it is part of our routine services. We carry out the repairs and make it absolutely sure in allowing you to remain safe and be at ease.

    - Car repair service

    At our organization we always had the vision of believing that providing quality prevention is the best cure and this is the reason why it is vital for the vehicle to be serviced in a regular basis. What it does is it increases the longevity and increases the durability. More importantly it will make in identifying the minor defects which are often rectified and it prevents the unforeseen faults.

    It has always been our prowess in providing rapid and more than efficient service for various models having the best standards.

    Servicing is generally being done and completed on the very same day the car is booked and if no further repair to be done, servicing can be carried out with ease.

    - Clutch and transmission

    We are well equipped in handling the nature of clutch repairs. Apart from the engine along with the gear box, the clutch is without any doubt the most important aspect in a particular vehicle. Without the clutch you will not be able to change the gear with smoothness. At the same time one would not be able to engage the engine with proper care.

    If it is hard to engage the gear, the failed clutch will make it impossible in engaging the gears. It will be devoid of gears. Juddering during the pull way can also turn out to be an ominous sign of the particular bus or car. The most definitive signal of warning is a burning smell. This smell foretells you that the clutch is under pressure and might be needed for check.

    The clutch affects the entire performances of the particular car. The worn clutch will surely increase the fuel consumption and cost more. At the same time it will make the car less commanding. If you allow the car to lose its potent value, one can lose the drive completely. In case you suspect that there is a major problem in the clutch or transmission fell completely free in letting us know as we delve deep to the bottom of the fault.

    - Diagnostic services

    We are completely equipped with the latest technological progression which is more than capable of repairing more than 80-85% faults. if you are witnessing any warning lights on the dash board or facing any issues with your vehicle then it is advisable in taking the car to the dealership in finding out the problems. We have a team of experts having the tenacity to check out the problem and repair at the stipulated frame of time.

    A modernized vehicle can produce more than thousand different fault codes. After having the correct approaches the particular gear is quite pivotal in order to identify the fault codes and the warning messages.

    - MOT testing

    Since we have a free reminder service we will notify you through the process of mail or through email or letters. FREE Retest- If the sedan fails the MOT test you will be having ten working days for the repairs to be carried out and there will be a free test of the vehicle from our end.

    When it comes to class 4 MOT test it can be asserted that it is carried on for cars ferrying up-to 8 passenger seat along with motor caravans.

    - Tyre service

    We are completely dedicated in supplying fitted tyres which would fit your vehicle with immediate effect with the usage of proactive technologies. The companies of ours have the latest and completely automatic lever-less changers and professional triple arm changers. Apart from all these be rest assured in availing the semi automatic tyre which is making the entire buzz in the automobile market. The wheel balancers which are computerized are being in-housed for the convenience of yours.

    We are capable of hoarding the tyres of top-notch brands, thereby you will always find plethora of tyres which is sure to suit the vehicle and is within your grip.

    If a particular tyre, which you are in need of, is out of our stock list, you do not need to worry about, as we can arrange for that particular brand on the very same day as we have a vast networking team who are on their toes to bring you the services that you are pining for. It is the tyres which are constantly in collision with the roads. It plays a pivotal part in gripping the road making the car stable allowing it to take swift turns and can accelerate the level of speed. It is one of the major possessions that allow the vehicle to go for a smooth and serene run.

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